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3 surprising dwarf basil cocktail recipes


We have a new superstar among our refills - the Dwarf Basil. It's basically the regular basil after the extreme makeover. The same capabilities and good qualities in a lot more compact and better looking form. It has a slightly more peppery flavor that's amazing for spicing up savory dishes. But that's not it. The great looks make it a lot better for herb cocktails - it gives up a lot more flavor and it makes the cocktail look more decorative. Here's our 3 favorite recipes!

How To Prune Basil

Pruning basil


Basil is by far the most popular herb being grown in the Smart Herb Garden. And for a reason! It's looks sexy, it smells delicious and it's incredibly versatile. The heck, you can even make beer out of it! And as all good things, we want it to last longer, produce more and keep looking handsome. The key is in pruning. How to prune basil? We're glad you asked.

Urban farming olympics: Hydroponics vs. Smart Soil


Over the years, we have conducted hundreds and hundreds of experiments here in the Click & Grow lab, testing everything from different plants to different fertilisers. Heck, we've even played music to the plants. And all that only to find the most efficient, most effortless and most "natural" urban gardening solutions. So quite naturally, the question about gardening techniques came up in the conversation amongst our team members. Which is a more superior - hydroponics or Smart Soil?

6 benefits of urban farming vs. traditional farming


During the past years, urban farming aka. growing food in urban areas has become a world-wide trend, and it keeps on growing (pun intended). It has become stylish, it is being claimed to be the future of food, and new "smart gardening" brands are popping up faster than ever. But what is it that makes urban farming so irresistible and seemingly superior to traditional farming in the century of urbanization?

Transplant your old Click & Grow plants in 3 simple steps!


From your #clickandgrow Instagram pictures, we've noticed that you're sometimes enthusiastic to let the plants grow wild, huge and free. The dilemma between trying to grow something new and keeping the plant that has been there for you for 3 months growing wild is quite challenging. But hey, you can have it all.

Smart Herb Garden now grows anything you want


Click & Grow has enabled people to successfully grow edibles, flowers and decoratives without watering, fertilizing, repotting, seeding etc. But we also want to make the geeks and the experimenters happy. The ones that believe that growing anything should be effortless. And here is our answer to those people - the seedless Experimental Plant Capsule. Get any seeds you want from the gardening store, put them in your Experimental Plant Capsule, click it in your Smart Herb Garden and see the magic happen. As easy as that.

Click & Clone your perfect-looking basil in 4 easy steps


On social media and from your emails, we've noticed that you get quite attached to the plants you grow in your Click & Grow. And for a reason! We do understand though that as much as you want to try out new plants, it is sad to see the "old" ones go. So before you send that sexy Smart Herb Garden mini tomato off to a better place, check out this little trick we have in our pocket - plant cloning in water. 

Click & Grow feeding the planet at EXPO Milano 2015


As a Click & Grow family member, we're sure that you also aim to be a part of change, a part of the future. Especially when it comes to one of the most quintessential components of the survival of human race - food. So besides working on making new future-of-food products for you, we always try to partner up and meet with people and brands who are on the same path. This is why in April 2015, we packed up 270 Click & Grow special-edition Smart flowerbeds with rosemary, and went on a quest to Milan to make the Estonian pavilion (CNN actually named it to be as one of the most impressive designs) of EXPO Milano 2015 even smarter and definitely greener.

GMOs have their time and place. Here's the when, the where and the how.

Photo: Golden rice vs white rice. UBC


Before we jump into anything, let's make one thing clear: Click & Grow DOES NOT use genetically modified seeds or organisms in our products. The following is a scientific view on the processes taking place in nature and plant breeding.


We have always been dependent on plants. In big picture, absolutely everything in our lives has more or less been made possible because of them. It also means that we are pretty good at draining this resource. If the population keeps growing at the same speed as now, then by 2050 we'll need 75% more food to survive. With natural resources not being able to pick up with our consumption habits, we have to find new ways to produce food cheaper and more efficiently. By now the best-found solution is to recombine the genetic codes of the plants to create stronger, hardier, better (and cheaper) offsprings. It might sound artificial, but it's actually what often happens in nature, and even the hated/loved GMO methods are inspired by this natural recombination aka traditional breeding methods. Here's how it happens.

3 reasons why growing food today is more exciting than ever

Photo: Click & Grow


1. Incredibly developed plant genetics
Agriculture used to be incredibly simple even back in the beginning of 20th century. A tomato was a tomato - red, roundish, medium size. A cucumber was a cucumber - green, rather tender, half a span long. And so on.


Today, there is about 25 000 different tomato varieties and cultivars alone, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Every single herb, vegetable or fruit you have in your kitchen has countless “brothers” and “sisters”, differing from each other in shapes, sizes, colors, textures, flavors, scents, preferences, etc. Want to grow black strawberries? Voila. An apple that tastes like custard? No problem. Brainstorming options for saving paper? Here’s a tree that grows leaves that can be used as recycled paper. Want to set yourself on fire with the world's hottest chilies? Smoking Ed's 'Carolina Reaper' is at your service.

We've found a way to combine basil & beer.


We are a bunch that always tries to find new ways to do things, and you probably know it. After all, that is one of the main reasons there is Click & Grow. If everyone grows produce in the back yard, we're gonna go ahead and start growing it in a closet in our living room (aka Smart Farm). If everyone drinks pilsner on a hot summer day, we're gonna go ahead and cook up a Honey Basil ale.

Strawberry Refill for Smart flowerbed from A to Z


With the Strawberry Refill for Smart flowerbed being the most anticipated and the most celebrated Smart flowerbed Refill in the history of Click & Grow, we decided to put together a list of must-dos to help you get the most out of it.

But before we begin, let's answer this one question. Why is it so cool to grow strawberries with Click & Grow?