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Meal of the Month: Tempting Summer Rolls

Meal of the Month: Tempting Summer Rolls

This month’s featured meal is a delicious homage to summer. You’ll be able to use peppermint, thai basil and cilantro grown in your Smart Garden 3 or Smart Garden 9.

The next time you have guests over, treat them to some tasty summer rolls.


- Tiger prawns (suggested 1lb)

- Cucumbers

- Avocados

- Carrots

- Peppermint

- Thai Basil

- Cilantro

- Rice paper

- Peanut butter

- Hoisin sauce

(Feel free to experiment with different quantities of each ingredient, depending on your preferences).


- Peel a pound of tiger prawns. Heat a skillet over high and quickly fry the prawns until just cooked through. Set aside.

- Cut cucumbers, avocados and carrots into strips.

- Dip the rice paper into cold water and set it on a flat surface. Do not soak!

- Lay three prawns, a few strips of avo, cucumber and carrot on the rice paper. Tear up some peppermint, thai basil and cilantro from your Click & Grow smart garden and sprinkle them on top.

- Fold the paper into a summer roll

- Mix together some peanut butter and hoisin sauce for a dip

- Enjoy!

P.S. Rice paper becomes very sticky when wet so work quickly and gently.

Credit to Getter Madison, for this excellent recipe. For more inspiration and recipes by Getter, be sure to check out her website and Instagram page.

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