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Your guide to plants, recipes and much more

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Forests: much more than just a collection of trees

Sustainable Farming: Why is it so Important?

Let’s Celebrate World Rainforest Day 2019!

How Much Do You Know About Renewable Resources? 6 Examples

Make Your Home More Self-Sufficient in 7 Practical Steps

5 Sustainable Estonian Startups to be Inspired By

Innovation meets sustainability...

Make a Greener Start to the Year in 5 Easy Steps

Welcome to #GreenJanuary 

Growing Greens for the First Time

Experience a small miracle...

Face to Face with Our Production & Supply Chain Manager

Kaarel's thoughts on life at Click & Grow and a fantastic new announcement for our customers...

Click & Grow Raises $11 Million in Investment

We couldn’t think of having better partners onboard to help us along the way than Ingka Group, with their commitment to a people and planet-positive future, and Groupe SEB, the world’s leader in small household equipment,”
said Mattias Lepp, Founder, and CEO of Click & Grow.

Reasons to grow locally

The trend to grow locally is gaining momentum...

Tiny Homes, Indoor Gardening, And The Story That Started It All...

For our new "Growing With" series, we are highlighting the adventures of Jenna and John Babcock and how they are turning a school bus into their tiny home, fully equipped with an indoor garden and tons of adventure!