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5 Food Waste Facts That Will Make You Rethink Your Habits

Think about this: approximately one-third of all food produced in the world is not consumed. Well, this sounds very irrational, especially when almost one billion people in the world are hungry.

Earth Day 2018: One Garden At A Time — One Tree At A Time

Celebrating Earth Day! For every Smart Garden sold between April 22 — May 31 we will plant a tree. Join us to build a greener tomorrow!

Click & Grow x Cool Products Expo

Yesterday we got the chance to attend the Cool Products Expo at Stanford University for the Graduate School of Business at Knight Managment Center! 

Smart Garden 9 Set Up

The Smart Garden 9 is our newest indoor garden! The SG9 allows for you to grow 9 different or the same, type of plant at one time. Bringing us one step closer to one day being self-sustainable and growing all our own food, and here is the set up video and the how-to! 

Reflecting and Giving Back

Something that has always been important to all of us at Click and Grow is the idea of leaving the earth better than how we received it.

Celebrating The Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation

One of our mission’s at Click and Grow is to eventually provide free food to poverty stricken areas through the use of our technology, creating sustainable cities and communities.

5 Easy Everyday Things You Can Do To Reverse Deforestation

Best part: They do not affect your lifestyle in a significant way. Team tested and approved.

Andrew Zimmern On The Future Of Food

He breaks down on the role of food in parenting, the main food-related issues in the world today, and what he thinks is the solution.

Why Is Food Waste The World's Dumbest Problem?

Because it's not that hard to solve. All it takes is a little willingness, a button, and a camera.

Teaching Kids About Sustainability Through Gardening

Read about three simple ways to start teaching kids about sustainability from this article.