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Click & Grow Subscription Plan - How Does It Work?

With the launch of our new Click & Garden Club for our indoor gardens, we made a blog post to answer all your questions about our new subscription!

The Click & Grow community: This one's all about you!

 From Singapore to Alaska - urban agriculture is thriving!  And here's the proof.

How We Click & Gift Wrap

Looking for new ways to wrap your gifts this year? We have some inspiration that you can draw from that will make the gifts look ALMOST too good to open.

Reflecting and Giving Back

Something that has always been important to all of us at Click and Grow is the idea of leaving the earth better than how we received it.

Bring your Smart Garden to your Holiday Table

When we initially invented the Smart Garden, we saw it as a way to make gardening easier; however, we hope that this year the Smart Garden can help make your Holiday season easier!

Red Hot Chili Peppers 101

We officially launched Red Chili Peppers and while they don't grow to the tune of "Californication," but feel free to add that yourself because music is said to help plants grow. We figured it was time to get acquainted with Red Chili Peppers!

Plants that Fit Your Home Design Style

With the Smart Gardens, you can pick the herbs or flowers that compliment and bring out different elements of your home décor. Check out our pairings for some home inspiration! 

Two Day Dill Pickle Recipe!

Drums in position, balloons blown up, ok it’s time…. today is the long awaited launch of Dill! And with it we are sharing one of our favorite pickling recipes. 

Don’t Let Size Fool You: All the Benefits of Our Mini Tomatoes

click and grow tomato plant
If you are already in love with Click and Grow’s Mini Tomato because of its genuine “tastes like grandma’s”- we have even more good news for you!

Celebrating The Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation

One of our mission’s at Click and Grow is to eventually provide free food to poverty stricken areas through the use of our technology, creating sustainable cities and communities.

Q&A With Mattias Lepp - Founder and CEO of Click & Grow

Click and Grow is turning 8 next week, we wanted to take this time to have a quick Q & A with our Founder and CEO Mattias Lepp about the defining moments of the company.

Basil Whipped Cream Frosting Recipe

If you're looking for another use for Basil, check out this recipe that one of the members of our Click and Grow community shared!