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This is our biggest launch EVER. The launch of the future.


We all have been waiting a long time for a new product launch. But even the Click & Grow team did not fully believe that the next launch after the Smart Herb Garden is going to be this big, this revolutionary, and this futuristic... until today.

4 Reasons Why Plants Would Make Great Superheroes


We all know the usual reasons for someone having plants around - they're pretty to look at, they produce oxygen, they remove harmful substances from the air, as well as CO2 (yay Polar bears!). But there is a lot more to them than you think...


What if Earth would have Saturn's rings?


Here at Click & Grow, we're a bunch of daydreamers. We often wonder "What if...?", and then try to turn those fantasies into reality. And we're super excited when we find people who do the same.

Click & Grow is taking first steps towards growing food on Mars

Crazy news, fellas - we are building a 5 km2 (53,000 ft2) underground thermonuclear cucumber "factory" where fresh vegetables for the entire state of California will be grown at a fraction of the current price! The plant will be constructed outside Reno, Nevada and located near the Tesla Gigafactory. The plant will feature a novel energy source relying on thermonuclear fusion.


6 Things You Didn't Know About Thyme

We usually avoid playing favorites, but Thyme is one of our favourite herbs out there - no wonder we've praised it to be the plant of the most wonderful month of the year. If you're not as big of a fan of Thyme yet as we are, be prepared - here are 6 facts about Thyme that will make you reconsider.


The Future of Food

Just last week I attended the 28th EFFoST (The European Federation of Food, Science and Technology) conference in Uppsala, Sweden and did some notes.

Today it is estimated that the world population might rise to 10.5bln inhabitants by 2050. As some of us are starving already, it would mean that we would need to produce 75% more food! Yet, we are already using 90% of the arable land on the planet. Since we are losing huge amounts of land due to soil depletion every year, and we don't want to cultivate all parts of the remaining rain forests, we need to seek for solutions. 

Your Click & Grow plants are doing it too


Ever wondered why your Tomato, Strawberry or Chilli Pepper has so little fruits? The answer is simple - they just need some funny business in their life, too. Some so-called "arrangements" or "romantic hangouts with other plants". Basically, your plants simply need to go out on a date, to give you more of those juicy tomatoes and other goodies. And as weird as it sounds, you need to help them... doing it the plant way. Or actually, the bee way.


The history of Click & Grow, revealed

As you might now, we just celebrated our 5th birthday on October 20. But we're still in a bit of euphoria (in fact, we just had an actual birthday party just yesterday, so our birthday mood hasn't gone anywhere, and we're still eating cakes for breakfast, lunch an dinner), since this fact is almost unbelievable. Here at Click & Grow, time flies by faster than the blink of a Smartpot, and milestones like these make us stop and look back. So here it is - the history of Click & Grow, revealed.


The Solution For All Your Work Problems


As it turns out, there is a simple solution for most of your work problems. Something that's not even that magical, but that increases your productivity, focus, makes you happier and more satisfied. - plants!

Click & Grow officially launches Smart Herb Garden

 We are excited to announce the worldwide introduction of our highly anticipated Smart Herb Garden is ready to launch freshness into every household. Get ready to grow your favorite herbs and spices in your home the smart way!

Is Click & Grow organic?


There are no pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones or any other type of poisons used. And we don't need to - a well watered and feed plant with perfect growing conditions can defend itself without any otside help. But we do use additional minerals to feed the plant. So in most countries it cannot be certified as organic.

Taking care of plants during winter


Here at the Northern hemisphere we are getting ready for winter. Our supporters from Down-Under can skip this section for now.

Basic knowledge is that plants need 3 things to thrive - water, minerals and sunlight. Click & Grow takes care of the first two, so taking care of the light part is the plant owners liability.