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Smart Garden 3 - Limited Edition Illustrated

Make The Most Of Your Smart Garden With Our New Accessories Line

Home gardening is so much more than simply owning plants. It has grown to become a soothing, fulfilling experience for people of all cultures. Through the tranquility of gardening, we strengthen our connection to Nature and to each other.

Here at Click & Grow, we believe everyone deserves to experience the joys of growing plants at home. Our aim is to provide you with everything you need to make gardening a holistic, positive experience.

Our products empower you to easily grow your favorite plants, harvest them and store them.

Whether you love growing plants as a means of stress relief, as a fun hobby, or to consume the healthiest greens, our accessories line has something for you.

Accessories for treating yourself or someone special

Herb Saver - Triple the Lifespan of Your Herbs

Ever wondered how to store your freshly harvested herbs so their taste and aroma remains intact? Here’s the answer. Our beautifully designed herb saver is both practical and efficient. The ideal storage for Click & Grow herbs.

Ideal for chives, cilantro, parsley, thyme, rosemary, sage and many other herbs

Prolongs the life of herbs for up to 3 weeks

BPA-free plastic shell

100% dishwasher safe

Fits in all standard refrigerator doors

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Plant Lover T-shirt (Unisex)

Elevate your style with our trendy Plant Lover T-Shirt. Its simple design complements almost any outfit. The print, “Introverted, but willing to discuss plants” shows your lighthearted side and is bound to put a smile on people’s faces!

Made from fine jersey cotton

Extremely soft and comfortable to wear

Durable, stands up to multiple washes

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Click & Grow Tea Cup

With it’s sleek design and iconic Click & Grow font, this tea cup will soon become a new favorite in your collection. Also features the print, “Introverted, but willing to discuss plants”. Use this cup to enjoy freshly brewed tea from Click & Grow herbs.

Dishwasher safe

Microwave safe

Size: 15 oz

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Gardening Journal: The Mindful Gardener

The must-have journal for every keen gardener. It includes writing exercises, inspirational quotes and simple tutorials designed to help you approach each day with a calm, positive mindset. The perfect companion whenever you’re looking for moments of mindfulness!

Authors: The New York Botanical Garden, Rachel Federman

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Accessories for your Smart Garden

Smart Garden 3 Extension Arm

Need to extend your Smart Garden 3’s lamp? This extension arm will do the trick.

1 piece

Compatible with Smart Garden 3

Find out more HERE

Smart Garden 9 Extension Arms

Everything you need to extend the lamp on your Smart Garden 9.

1 pair

Includes one piece with a cord slot and another piece without a cord slot.

Compatible with Smart Garden 9

Find out more HERE

Smart Garden 3 Float

Spare water level indicator float for your Smart Garden 3.

1 piece

Compatible with Smart Garden 3

Find out more HERE

Smart Garden Plastic Cup

Spare plastic cup

1 cup

1 U-shaped lid

1 dome

1 water transmitting wick.

Compatible with Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9 and Wall Farm

Find out more HERE

Water Transmitting Wicks (9 pcs)

Spare water transmitting wicks

9 wicks

Compatible with Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9, Smart Herb Garden and Wall Farm

Find out more HERE

Smart Garden Domes (3 pcs)

Spare transparent germination domes

3 domes

Compatible with Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9 and Wall Farm

Find out more HERE

Be sure to check out our full accessories page HERE

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