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World's Best Heart Medicine Is On Your Windowsill. Here's How To Use It.

Photo by @davidam on Instagram
 February is all about the matters of the heart. So let's talk about it - your heart. And this is not going to be about your Facebook relationship status.

The Click & Grow Cheat Sheet of Plant Uses, Benefits and Care Tips

The Click & Grow Plant Cheat Sheet: Plant Uses, Plant Benefits, Plant Care Tips

 With our refill selection growing continuously, questions as "Is Catnip just for cats?", "What do I do with Shiso?" and "What should I grow next?" can come up more and more often. We've got all the answers right here. 

How To Attract Butterflies With Click & Grow Parsley

Attract butterflies with Click & Grow parsley


Recently, we received a beautiful letter from a Click & Grower named Ruth, telling an incredible story of how she managed to raise and attract butterflies with her Smart Herb Garden. We had to share it.


Best Food Combinations...with Sage

Using Sage


There's certain herbs we all know and have in our kitchens - basil, thyme, oregano, parsley, peppermint... And then there are some that can be found exclusively on the countertops of the most sophisticated foodies or the people that create dishes that you call "the best of your life". Sage is one of those herbs.

4 Spring Cocktails That Will Change Everything

Spring Cocktails That Will Change Everything


As the temperatures have risen, people have left their offices, homes and gym caves to turn terraces, bars, rooftops, balconies and cafes into bee hives, buzzing with friends who are soaking up all the vitamin D they can and catching up after months of darkness and isolation


Just Started Your Smart Garden? This Is What It's Gonna Look Like.


We've noticed that it's when the Smart Herb Garden has just been set up that the impatience kicks in. Are the sprouts there yet? Where are they? When are they gonna come?

Sounds familiar? The good news is, you're totally not alone. And we're here to make it easier for you to get through this stage of Click & Growing.

Here are some of the thousands of pictures and videos other Click & Growers have posted on Instagram of their plants (including the awesome mimosa video above!). There's anything from curvy tomatoes to exotic experimental decoratives. And this is exactly how your Smart Herb Garden is gonna look like in just a little while. That's a promise.

Now settle in, scroll through and wait for the sprouts to come knocking!

How To Cook Cockscomb, The World's Most Beautiful Vegetable

Cockscomb (Celosia Cristata) in Click & Grow Smart Garden


See that flower up there? That's Cockscomb. And though it might not seem like it, it's not actually a flower. It's a vegetable, one of the very famous leafy greens! AND you can grow it in your Smart Garden!


All the way from Africa to Indonesia and India, its leaves, stem and even the little flowers is a popular ingredient for stews, soups, and as sides to meat and poultry. We personally prefer it as a snack, in dressings or smoothies, or sauteed with salt and pepper as a side dish. And let's not even get started on how amazing a Cockscomb flower looks as a garnish on salads or with a piece of steak. Mmm, drooling.


When eaten young, Cockscomb is a great source of protein (yes, yes - when it comes to protein, leafy greens compete with chicken and eggs!), vitamins A and C, iron, calcium and phosphorus. It's flavor can be compared to spinach, and it has a basil-like texture. So why not try it in scrambled eggs too!


If trying out the world's most beautiful veggie sounds like something you'd be up to, there's something you should know about harvesting it.

4+ Oregano Facts You Didn't Know



Up there together with Mini Tomato, Chili Pepper, Moss Rose, Wild Strawberry, Petunia, Peppermint and Catnip, Oregano is one of the most loved Smart Herb Garden refills. And just when we all thought we know everything there is about this special little turned out we don't. Here's 4 things (and a little more) you most probably didn't know about the so-called “Mountain delight”!

The Ultimate Christmas Plant Revealed. It's Not What You Think.



Step aside, spruces, Christmas cactuses and Poinsettias, and take cinnamon, clementines and cloves with you. There's a new Christmas King in town - with an exotic-sounding name, Biblistic background and thousands of years of experience. Meet Hyssop.

5 Herbs That Will Fix Your Problems



Each plant has its “thing”, just like people. We all know that you eat licorice to relieve cough, snack on stevia to substitute sugar and get in better shape, and make a brew of coffee beans to get more energy. But there's also many plants that you don't necessarily have to eat to benefit from their “thing”. It can be enough to just smell them - yes, they're that powerful. Considering that we're craving a Big Mac more than herbs and greens when having a headache, this sounds like pretty good news to us. So to have these great-smelling hacks all in one place, here's a list of 5 herbs that will solve 5 problems you may have. They're dope.

A Sneak-Peak Into Our Plant Tests: Experimental Refill for Smart Herb Garden

 Click & Grow Dwarf Basil for Smart Herb Garden plant test


The Experimental Refill for Smart Herb Garden is definitely the most utilized one in our HQ. Basically, 70% of plants growing there are something new, that're not out there yet. And it seems to be one of the most popular ones amongst the Click & Growers all over the world as well!

Catnip Cookies - Unlock Your Cat's Heart



Internet is a glorious place - one can find anything here. You can learn it all from kissing and finding your TV remote to unlocking your cat's heart to emotion in no time. While a tutorial on how to make up a joke fast is no surprise to us (we all have at least one moment we could have used this), a promise on changing your cat's attitude from “I don't give a shit” to “You're the best human slave” sounds almost unbelievable. But there is, in fact, a very simple way - Catnip cookies (originally called “Kitty Kisses”). Here's what you do: