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#TryThisThursday: Sun Dried Tomatoes

We have shared our favorite go-to Sun-Dried Tomato tutorial; it's an excellent DIY Mother's Day gift for the ultimate foodie mom!

Mother's Day x Click & Grow

Mother's Day is May 13th, so what do you get the woman that has done it all and more?

Easy 4-Step Way to Replant Your Plants

Our indoor gardens are built to make gardening easier and to give you a green thumb using modern technology, but what happens when your plants outgrow their pods?

Do Plants Have Memory?

Do your plants have the ability to learn and create memories based on habitual events that occur? A study looks into this and gets answers! 

NEW PLANT LAUNCH: Yellow Chili Pepper

Please give a VERY warm, and spicy, welcome to Yellow Chili Pepper! 

Earth Day 2018: One Garden At A Time — One Tree At A Time

Celebrating Earth Day! For every Smart Garden sold between April 22 — May 31 we will plant a tree. Join us to build a greener tomorrow!

Announcing The Release Of GardenCoin, Make Money While You Grow.

smart garden
We are excited to announce the early details for the GardenChain, a powerful decentralized platform which brings plants to the cryptocurrency era!

Smart Garden 9 Set Up

The Smart Garden 9 is our newest indoor garden! The SG9 allows for you to grow 9 different or the same, type of plant at one time. Bringing us one step closer to one day being self-sustainable and growing all our own food, and here is the set up video and the how-to! 

Busy Bees Don't Forget To Pollinate Your Fruits

Usually, for an outside garden the wind does the pollinating; however, you have the two options to pollinate your fruits to ensure fruit growth! 

Click & Grow Subscription Plan - How Does It Work?

With the launch of our new Click & Garden Club for our indoor gardens, we made a blog post to answer all your questions about our new subscription!

How We Click & Gift Wrap

Looking for new ways to wrap your gifts this year? We have some inspiration that you can draw from that will make the gifts look ALMOST too good to open.

Bring your Smart Garden to your Holiday Table

When we initially invented the Smart Garden, we saw it as a way to make gardening easier; however, we hope that this year the Smart Garden can help make your Holiday season easier!