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The Healthiest Greens: 5 herbs that'll boost your health

Herbs - the magical flavourings that can transform almost any dish. Yet the health benefits of herbs are not discussed nearly enough.

5 Air Purifying Plants You Must Try Now

5 air purifying plants that will make sure that you're breathing the cleanest air possible.

How To Grow Venus Flytrap In An Indoor Garden

Everything you need to know about growing Venus Flytraps indoors.

4 Uses For Fresh Stevia Leaves

Why use the highly refined Stevia sweeteners when you can just as easily substitute them with fresh, home-grown Stevia leaves? 

7 Easy Ways To Introduce Plants Into Your Home

There is a way to make your house or office look greener even for those without a green thumb. Promise.

How To Feed Generations Forever With One Tomato

There's a simple trick to providing fresh strawberries, tomatoes, avocados and pineapples for generations to come. All it takes, is 1 piece of fruit.

Teaching Kids About Sustainability Through Gardening

Read about three simple ways to start teaching kids about sustainability from this article.

Skyscrapers covered in forest? Yes, you read that right.

vertical garden vertical farming


It is expected that 70 percent of the world population will be urban by 2050. It's time to completely re-think cities. 

14 Valentine's Cards Rocking Plant Puns For Any Mood

There are few things we love more than nature and a good pun. If you're like us, feel free to check out and share any of these 14 witty Valentine's Day cards for any mood. 

World's Best Heart Medicine Is On Your Windowsill. Here's How To Use It.

Photo by @davidam on Instagram
 February is all about the matters of the heart. So let's talk about it - your heart. And this is not going to be about your Facebook relationship status.

The Click & Grow Cheat Sheet of Plant Uses, Benefits and Care Tips

The Click & Grow Plant Cheat Sheet: Plant Uses, Plant Benefits, Plant Care Tips

 With our refill selection growing continuously, questions as "Is Catnip just for cats?", "What do I do with Shiso?" and "What should I grow next?" can come up more and more often. We've got all the answers right here. 

How To Attract Butterflies With Click & Grow Parsley

Attract butterflies with Click & Grow parsley


Recently, we received a beautiful letter from a Click & Grower named Ruth, telling an incredible story of how she managed to raise and attract butterflies with her Smart Herb Garden. We had to share it.