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Plants that Fit Your Home Design Style

Plants that Fit Your Home Design Style

Our homes are where we get to showcase our style and share elements of our personality and what inspires us. With the Smart Gardens, we too can pick the herbs or flowers that compliment and bring out different elements of your home décor. So, whether you’re into minimalism, art deco, or mid-century modern, no need to worry, we have the perfect plant pairing for your home!

Minimal design/kitchen/home decor

Mother Nature and Minimalism

Minimalism home décor is represented by the clean lines, geometric detailing, and an overall clean and simple look. Minimalism is more represented by neutral colors and hues, so when looking for plant options it would be best to stick to herbs. The pop of green can help to add to a minimalistic room and quiet literally give it life through the use of plants and an element of nature. Some of our top herb picks would be: Basil, for new users, Chive, Cilantro, or Lettuce just to name a few! Plus, Click and Grows clean product design of the Smart Gardens and Wall Farms will work well to complement the other minimal design elements in your home.


Art Deco/home decor

Bold Art Deco Style

Art Deco design style is influenced by a time from the 1920s-1940’s. It incorporates elements that are bold, luxurious, and often have a gold detailing to them. Mixing metals was a huge design trend for 2017; and Luckily, the Click and Grow Smart Garden comes in three colors, white, black, and beige, and based off of the other design elements in your room you can pick the color that matches your room the best. As for the plants in your Smart Garden, you can have fun with that. You can bring the room to life by adding color from the plants that are growing. Great plant recommendations would be: Tomato, Yellow Sweet Pepper, Painted Nettle, and Moss Rose to begin with!


mid century modern design/plants

Mid Century- Modern Brought to Life

With the raise of brands like West Elm, Mid Century Modern design has been seen all over magazines and homes in 2017.  Many of the design elements of Mid Century-Modern are the juxtaposition of different elements coming together, mixed with clean lines, but yet curves in furniture. If you have a strong Mid Century-Modern influences in your home feel free to play with the combination of plants. Don’t be afraid for flowers to grow indoors with herbs, and add in elements of color. Great plants to grow would be: Lavender, Parsley, Purple Chili Pepper, and Cockscomb!

When picking the plants to grow in your home it works to be think about where you are setting up your garden and how the plants can help add to the design elements of them. However, in the end of the day you can never go wrong with growing what you want to grow, regardless of what your design style is because fresh plants in the home are sure to have a positive effect no matter what’s growing!

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