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Announcing The Release Of GardenCoin, Make Money While You Grow.

Announcing The Release Of GardenCoin, Make Money While You Grow.

indoor garden

Since the company’s launch in 2009, Click and Grow has been leading the smart gardening industry, setting up trends and developing the most innovative products for the indoor garden market. Today, we are excited to announce the early details for the GardenChain, a powerful decentralized platform which brings plants to the cryptocurrency era!

GardenChain is a decentralized platform aimed at storing data on every plant ever sprouted in smart gardens across the world. Once clicked into Smart Garden, every Plant Pod starts growing and receives a unique encrypted key which gets automatically recorded to the GardenChain. Storing the data on the decentralized platform guarantees anonymity of the data to each gardener.

We are also proud to introduce the GardenCoin, Click and Grow’s own cryptocurrency built upon the GardenChain platform that will allow Smart Garden users get compensated for their gardening endeavors. Every Plant Pod equals to one GardenCoin token, and the price of each plant is growing as the plant grows. Anyone can trade their GardenCoin tokens on the GardenChain platform, because while your plants grow, so should your cryptocurrency.

Follow our blog to get updated on the GardenChain news and be one of the first to know about the upcoming ICO!

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