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Red Hot Chili Peppers 101

We officially launched Red Chili Peppers and while they don't grow to the tune of "Californication," but feel free to add that yourself because music is said to help plants grow. We figured it was time to get acquainted with Red Chili Peppers!

Basil Whipped Cream Frosting Recipe

If you're looking for another use for Basil, check out this recipe that one of the members of our Click and Grow community shared! 

Elderly Nutrition: Top 3 Herbs & Spices for Senior Health

All you need to know about the 3 best superfoods for elderly health.

Why Grow Red Shiso In An Indoor Garden: Uses And Health Benefits

All you need to know about Red Shiso - the alien herb that could.

4 Uses For Fresh Stevia Leaves

Why use the highly refined Stevia sweeteners when you can just as easily substitute them with fresh, home-grown Stevia leaves? 

Andrew Zimmern On The Future Of Food

He breaks down on the role of food in parenting, the main food-related issues in the world today, and what he thinks is the solution.

The Secret To Cooking The Best Steak Ever

In our attempts to find the best steak in the world, we went to Eric Norman, the founder of Cinder precision grill, to talk about the art of precision cooking.

How To Make Red Shiso Juice


You need to try this. Our summer favorite for sure. And don't worry about the ingredients.


The Click & Grow Cheat Sheet of Plant Uses, Benefits and Care Tips

The Click & Grow Plant Cheat Sheet: Plant Uses, Plant Benefits, Plant Care Tips

 With our refill selection growing continuously, questions as "Is Catnip just for cats?", "What do I do with Shiso?" and "What should I grow next?" can come up more and more often. We've got all the answers right here. 

Listen, You Really ARE Eating Too Much Salt

Click & Grow Smart Indoor Herb Garden: Replacing Too Much Salt with Herbs and Spices


Unless you're an incredibly careful health nut, chances are you're eating way too much salt. That's the big, salty truth.


Your Guide To Beer And Food Pairing

Click & Grow Guide to Beer and Food Pairing


With the trend of beer and food pairing on the rise, we (as quite solid beer AND food  lovers) got curious and wanted to break the science down to details - what specific dishes would certain beers pair best with? Long story short - after hundreds of meals and hours spent researching, we came to realize that beer and food pairing is truly an art, and that we'll always order Porter with spicy BBQ ribs.

Best 4th of July Recipes from the Click & Grow team

Best 4th of July recipes from the Click & Grow team


We love food. After all, we do work for Click & Grow. And for the first time ever, we wanted to share our love for food with you in the form of our best 4th of July recipes - there's something for everyone. Cook 'em up, enjoy, and don't forget to drop us a snap on Facebook or Instagram!