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10 Crazy Plant Pot Alternatives That Are Just Too Cute

10 Crazy Plant Pot Alternatives That Are Just Too Cute

Got a little time and space to spare? Try these wacky alternatives to plant pods.

They’ll wow your guests and add some nonchalant, artistic vibes to your home.

1. Boots

Photo: irishbotanicals.com

You’ve heard of ‘Puss in Boots’ but what about ‘Plants in Boots’? Wellington boots in particular make great plant holders - they’re fun, colourful, and cheerful.

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2. Glass jar

Photo: passthepistil.com

Why throw your glass jars away when you could use them as plant pots? They’re stylish and provide a glimpse of the soil and roots that lie beneath your plants.

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3. Metal bucket

Photo: shescraftycrafty.com

Sturdy, robust and classic. A metal bucket flower pot looks great in many different settings. They are often found in home stores and come in various sizes to suit your needs.

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4. Suitcase

Photo: traceytilley.com

Rugged, old-fashioned suitcases make for quirky plant holders. These planters are especially for those who enjoy displaying their artistic flair.

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5. Teapot

Photo: gardeningsuccs.com

Rather than discarding your old teapot, transform it into a new home for your plants. It’ll give your home an artistic, bohemian vibe that others can be inspired by.

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6. Tyres

Photo: backyardboss.net

Planning on having your tyres changed in the coming months? Why not use the old ones as planters? Paint them your favorite colours and use them to hold your plants.

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7. Vintage tin

Photo: hometweaks.com

Vintage tins have an effortlessly charming appeal. They hark back to nostalgic times and can be used to hold plants. Such tins can often be found in home or second hand stores. 

Get inspiration here.

8. Watering can

Photo: recreativeworks.com

Plants look surprisingly great in a watering can. You could get creative by spray painting an old one or a relatively inexpensive one from your local garden store. Just be sure you have an additional watering can available for regular use!

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9. Wicker basket

Photo: thenavagepatch.com

There’s something about wicker material that compliments flowers so well. It looks natural, rustic, and clean at the same time. Colourful flowers look amazing in these.

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10. Wheelbarrow

Photo: gardenbuildingsdirect.co.uk

Have an old wheelbarrow in the shed that you never use? Why not turn it into a flower bed? If you have the outdoor space, this will give your home a country cottage vibe. 

Get inspiration here.

Why not try a plant-pot alternative in your home? When it comes to breathing new life into your home or garden, a simple visual change could be all you need.

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