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  • Starting from today, every Tuesday we’ll create a blogpost with the uses and qualities of our edible Click & Grow plants. This week we’ll look at the amazing basil. 

    Click & Grow basil


    Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is a culinary herb originating from India. In India, basil is considered a holy herb and is planted near the entrances of temples and even sacrificed to gods. Basil is prominently featured in Italian cuisine and also very popular in the Northeast Asia cuisine of Taiwan and the Southeast Asian cuisines of Indonesia and Thailand.

    A look at our edibles - Basil
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    A look at our edibles - Basil

  • Exploded Busy Lizzy seed pod

    All plants grow seeds. Some do it only very rarely. Seeds are a mechanism for evolution - when cloning reproduces identical plants, plants grown from seeds are a combination of the genotypes of the mother and father. Every combination is slightly different and this is the base for breeding new plant varieties.  

    Growing into a gardener. Collecting and growing seeds.
    Gardening and plants Tips and Tricks

    Growing into a gardener. Collecting and growing seeds.