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Smart Herb Garden now grows anything you want

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Click & Grow has enabled people to successfully grow edibles, flowers and decoratives without the need of watering, fertilizing, repotting, sowing etc. But we also want to leave room for enthusiasts and fans to experiment and try out plants that are not pre-selected by us. The ones that believe that growing anything should be fun and effortless. And here is our answer to those people - the seedless Experimental Plant Capsule. Get any seeds you want from the store, market or your mother, put them in your Experimental Plant Capsule, click it in your Smart Herb Garden and see the magic happen. As easy as that.


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Of course, there are some plants that will grow better and plants that will grow worse in the given space, soil type and light conditions. So here's a list of plants that we've tested in the Experimental Plant Capsule.


Most herbs

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Would it be peppermint, stevia, oregano, cilantro, dill, parsley or any other herb you can think of, the chances are that it will grow in your Smart Herb Garden beautifully. And most of them won't even need transplanting (which you can always do anyways, if you're up for it). So go ahead - follow the instructions on the seed packet from the gardening store and have fresh herbs at your fingertips any time of the year. Usually, it's enough to have 2-4 seeds per Experimental Plant Capsule, depending on the size of the seed.



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You probably already know the vitality of leafy greens in your diet. So go ahead - start growing them! Trust us - if you'll have your lettuce standing pretty in front of you in your kitchen, you'll have more and more of it.



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So you have a tobacco plant just growing there in your kitchen. All cool, all chill, no big deal. And if you're not big of smoking - tobacco is also great for relieving toothaches or when you're having a cold. Read about how to use it here. You might have to transplant it to a bigger pot later on, after it's soaked up all the nutrients from the Smart Soil.


Various peppers

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We've noticed that most of the Click & Growers are quite big on different kinds of peppers. And for a reason - they're delicious! And who doesn't like it hot. So far, we've had a refill for the chilli pepper only, but hey - you have a seedless refill for your Smart Herb Garden here, and a gardening store selling seeds of various peppers in town! Jalapeño, bell peppers, Cayenne, Habanero - take your pick.


Peas & beans

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The flavor of most edibles very much depends on (1) how much water they've gotten and (2) the nutritional compound of the soil. If you want to get the juiciest, most delicious beans & peas that are full of protein, go ahead and start germinating them in your Smart Herb Garden. And no, we're not full of beans (pun intended).


Most annual flowers

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This is an era of not only smart edibles, but smart decoratives as well. Yes, yes, you can grow flowers in your Smart Herb Garden! While the perennials might not work that well (you can use your Smart Herb Garden for germinating them though), the annuals will grow like a charm. French Marigold, petunias, sweet pea, opium poppy...the possibilities are endless. 



 Image: Pinterest


Growing watermelons in your kitchen - sounds good, doesn't it? And in this case, it's not too good to be true - get watermelon seeds from your local gardening store, and in about 60-95 days, your watermelon sprouts should be ready for transplanting!

Oh and by the way, break your habit of throwing away the watermelon seeds and the skin - they're both actually really good for you. Blend the skin with lime juice in a delicious smoothie to boost your heart health and immune system, and eat up the black seeds for getting extra iron, zinc, protein and fiber in your body.



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Here's a little cucumber hack. Ever had a moment when you're writing with a pen and need to erase something? Instead of buying a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, rub the writing with the waxy part of the skin of the cucumber. When you're done, just peel the skin off and eat it up!

Before you start growing the cucumber plant in your Smart Herb Garden, make sure you'll have space to transplant it to - it should be ready for transplanting.


Get Experimental Plant Capsule


Feel free to experiment with any other plant that is not on this list as well. That's how people find great things. And don't forget to let us know how your Smart Herb Garden experiments are going - use the hashtag #clickandgrow on Instagram, mention @clickandgrow on Twitter or post your successes on our Facebook wall!

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