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Plants That Pair Perfectly With Your Jet Setting Lifestyle!

Plants That Pair Perfectly With Your Jet Setting Lifestyle!

Summertime is the best for travels think of all the PTO time you have left to use and the long weekend getaways you've been on in between all the summer BBQs! Travel in many ways can be stressful, making sure you don't forget anything when packing and repacking; however, there is one thing you can forget about, and that is your Smart Garden

Keeping plants alive while on vacation usually seems like an impossible task for most indoor gardens and can require a plant sitter to stop by and check up on your plants and water them. So while your Smart Garden can't pack your bags for you and can't predict the weather that you'll have on your vacation, it can water your plants! On average when you fill up the Smart Garden tank, specifically the Smart Garden 9, the water lasts for up to a month, and the self-watering wicks help to regulate the flow to the plant making sure the plant is never underwatered or overwatered. And the LED lights help to make sure your plants are getting all the sunlight they need to sprout and grow while you are getting some much-needed rest on vacation! 

There are certain plants that we recommend growing during the travel season, to make your life more comfortable and worry-free. We call these a "low-maintenance" plants for our low maintenance loving gardeners.

Recommended Plants to Grow for Easy Travel: 




Painted Nettle 

Polka Dot Plant 


Plants to Save for Fall:

Fruiting Plants (plants that need pollinating) 

Leafy Greens (they require a bit more water than average plants) 


So while we love our Mini Tomatoes just as much as you all do (they are our top seller month after month!), we recommend waiting till fall to plant them. Because while the garden waters them and makes sure they are getting enough sunlight they do need to be thinned, pollinated, and we recommend picking off any dried leaves to keep them well kept and healthy, just a little bit more involved than growing Thyme.

(Photo from @nenavonflow_ on Instagram)

But happy vacationing and don't worry about your plants they'll still be #plantgoals when you get back! 

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