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Have You Ever Wanted To Talk To Our Gardeners Directly?

Have You Ever Wanted To Talk To Our Gardeners Directly?

Did you ever wonder just what plants grow best in a specific location? Or why your Lavender hasn't bloomed yet? Or maybe just any natural home remedies that you can use your plants in? Well, the good news is there's a place for that! 

Our gardeners did some brainstorming and created a new forum for direct conversation so that they can talk to YOU! Think of it as a gardening news feed where you can create topics of interest and connect with our gardeners for direct advice or other like-minded individuals in the Click & Grow community to hear what has worked for them and what they have learned.

Our gardeners are hand picked by our Founder and CEO, Mattias Lepp, and they come from different backgrounds, some from nearby Universities and some have been with the company since our Smar Pot! Our team of gardeners is the ones who pick, test and stress test every plant to make sure it can grow successfully in your home, wherever that may be! 

 So far, we have four categories: general, plants and care, ideas, and polls!

In the general category, you can talk about anything regarding tech or design or just general information about the product that you'd like to know. Plants and care channel is for all the plant care tips, tricks, and advice you would ever want and need. Ideas channel is where you can suggest any ideas that you would like to see us incorporate in the future and what would make you enjoy growing with us more, as well as, any new plant pods you want available on our website! Polls are for any quick polls you want to run or vote in! 

Screenshot of the conversations happening right now:


To create an account all you need is a Facebook account, or you can use your email address, whatever works best for you! 

We hope this website helps to create a conversation between all of us in the community and fill in any missing information gaps that you might have felt before. We can't wait to see your post

Website link to join: 

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