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Healthy Herbs: 5 Scientific Health Benefits of Thyme

Healthy Herbs: 5 Scientific Health Benefits of Thyme

For thousands of years, thyme has been revered as a healing herb. It has been viewed as an antidote for poison and a key ingredient in ancient concoctions. 

It’s also been associated with courage and bravery. Roman soldiers were said to have exchanged thyme sprigs as a sign of respect. Thyme was commonly worn into battle as a badge of honour.

Today, with the benefit of scientific research, we can see just how valuable thyme’s properties can be. Here are 5 of the many reasons why thyme is a worthy of the title ‘green superfood’:

1. It reduces the body’s resistance to antibiotics

Common antibacterial drugs, such as penicillin, help to destroy or impair the growth of bacteria. Sometimes, however, the body fights against these useful drugs. This study suggests that thymol (oil extracted from thyme) could help reduce the body’s resistance to antibiotics.

2. It naturally preserves food products 

Research has looked at the antimicrobial activity of essential oils from plants such as thyme. Thyme oil showed potential as a natural preservative of food products. This could help prevent human illness by combating common foodborne bacteria.


3. It helps fight colon cancer

According to these findings, extracts of mastic thyme might help protect people from colon cancers. Further research would be welcomed in this area as the implications could be very significant.

4. It helps fight breast cancer

The effects of wild thyme have been looked at in relation to breast cancer activity. Wild thyme was found to cause cell death in breast cancer cells. The implications are promising, suggesting that thyme can be used in the development of new therapeutic drugs for breast cancer treatment.


5. It’s good for the skin

A study was carried out to look at how chamomile and thyme could be used to treat eczema-like lesions. The researchers concluded that, ‘A 3% thyme essential oil cream could represent a cheap and easily available opportunity to treat and heal mild to moderate cases of fungal infections’. 

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Please note:

The information in this article is intended as a general reference for further exploration and is not a substitute for professional health advice.

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