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Fried Bread with Rosemary: A Super Simple, Tasty Recipe

Fried Bread with Rosemary: A Super Simple, Tasty Recipe


Rosemary is well known for its culinary uses. After being grown by the Spanish in the 13th century, it went on to become a very popular condiment with salt meats. Today, rosemary is regarded as a staple ingredient in a variety of cuisines around the world, especially in Mediterranean inspired dishes. With a Click & Grow smart garden, you can grow your very own rosemary at home, any time of year. Use it for extravagant meals or for everyday dishes such as roasts, stews, salads and pastas. Click & Grow rosemary is fresh, free from additives and a natural source of dietary fiber as well as vitamins A, C and B6. 

Making delicious fried bread with rosemary


Fancy using some of your harvested rosemary today? Check out this delicious, super simple recipe by Helen from the Click & Grow team. It’s similar to garlic bread, except you’re using rosemary in place of garlic. Preparing this snack will give your kitchen a really pleasant, appetising aroma. Rosemary gives the bread a delicious, strong taste and the butter gives it a satisfying texture.








  1. Chop bread into cubicles. 
  2. Melt butter on a frying pan and put rosemary leaves into the butter. 
  3. Add bread cubicles. 
  4. Fry until bread has gone darker. 
  5. Season with salt.


It really is that simple! Enjoy this delicious snack knowing your homegrown rosemary is 100% fresh and nutritious. For more fun recipes, click the recipes tab on our blog. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for news about our latest products too. Got a question you’d like to ask our gardening team? Enjoy direct communication with our horticulturalists and fellow growers in the Gardeners Forum.






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