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3 Things Not to Overlook When Setting up Your Smart Garden

3 Things Not to Overlook When Setting up Your Smart Garden

Smart gardens make it very easy to grow your favorite herbs, salads, fruits, vegetables and flowers at home. If you’ve recently purchased one, congratulations! In no time at all you’ll be enjoying some fresh, homegrown food that’s free from additives. So, before you set up your smart garden, here are a few questions worth asking:


What’s the most accessible place to put my smart garden?

If you love cooking and plan on growing fresh ingredients for your meals, the kitchen counter is the ideal place for your smart garden. This also makes it easier to enjoy a garden-to-plate experience. Once you harvest the plants you’ve been growing, you can pop them directly onto your plate, ready to serve. The same applies if you’re growing herbs for tea - have your smart garden in the kitchen, harvest the herbs when they’re ready and pop them into your teacup for a delicious, refreshing brew. If you plan on growing decorative plants or simply want to showcase your luscious greens, why not make your smart garden the centerpiece of your home? Its minimalist, nordic design enables it to blend in beautifully with any dining room or living room. 

The Click & Grow Smart Garden 27


How can I lighten my home with the smart garden?

It’s not just plants that make a smart garden attractive. The garden’s LED lamp also adds to its visual appeal by emitting calming, ambient light. This light helps the plants to grow and it also adds a beautiful glow to your surroundings. Some users like to use their smart garden’s lamp as a ‘night light’, having it on in the living room during the night. Others like to have their smart garden glowing on the windowsill, especially during the winter when the days are shorter. There are so many possibilities. The lamp uses very little energy and you’ll barely notice it on your energy bill.


What do my plants require?

Your smart garden is self-growing, providing your plants with light, water and nutrients. To enjoy the best experience, however, it’s important to read the plant care tips in our plant catalog and the timed tips in the Click & Grow mobile app. Our expert gardeners have carefully put these tips together to help you know what to expect at each stage of your plant’s life cycle. Among the tips you’ll also find information on when to harvest your plants and how long they can live in the smart garden.


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