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5 Beautiful Ways That Gardening Benefits Kids

5 Beautiful Ways That Gardening Benefits Kids

Gardening opens up a whole world of experiences and opportunities for children. It teaches them invaluable lessons while giving them a chance to express themselves.

Here are 5 beautiful ways that gardening benefits kids:

1. Gardening promotes healthier diets

Developing healthy eating habits at a young age can reap tremendous benefits in adulthood.  

It’s inspiring to see how children develop a healthy sense of pride over the food they grow themselves. Research encouragingly suggests that children who grow their own greens are more likely to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. 

2. Gardening fosters a positive relationship with Nature

Nature has a galvanizing effect on us as humans. Simply surrounding ourselves with greenery can have a positive effect on our well-being. According to this study, people who were involved in gardening during childhood are more likely to show an appreciation for gardening during adulthood. This includes forming lasting, positive relationships with gardens.

3. Gardening builds interpersonal skills

This study found that students who participated in a one-year gardening program reported an increase in self-understanding and the capability to work in groups compared to students who did not take part. Further research discovered that youth interns in community gardens reported increases in maturity and responsibility.

4. Gardening cultivates design skills

Creative acts are an important part of self-expression. Creative experiences are invaluable for children as it helps them to cope with their feelings. According to this study, even preschool children can contribute to designing enjoyable gardens. The added bonus is that designing gardens can also help foster pro-environmental attitudes in children.

5. Gardening gives children a sense of belonging

Gardening can be a therapeutic activity which brings a sense of purpose and responsibility. Multicultural school garden programs can help provide a safe space for children to share their cultural backgrounds and feel a sense of belonging. It can also help develop a feeling of connection to the local environment. 

Why not introduce the young ones in your life to gardening? It may turn out to be one of the greatest gifts you ever give them.

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