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You Accidentally Grew Algae, Now What?

You have decided to become an indoor urban farmer maybe you got your Smart Garden as a green gift, or perhaps you wanted to start growing healthy herbs, but you got a surprising green friend growing, and you don’t remember buying algae pods, so now what?

What exactly are algae? The green, sometimes brown sticky, slimy surface that can grow on your plant pods. Algae is fungal that can build on your soil due to excess moisture and humidity levels but no need to worry! While algae do have its own photosynthesis process, it is not harmful to your plant and can be removed quite simply!

How-To Remove Algae:

  1. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on the algae. Cinnamon is a natural fungal repellent and can help stop the spread of algae to prevent it from blooming and absorbing all the nutrients needed for your plant. 
  2. Just take a damp paper towel and gently scrape off the surface of the soil where the algae are growing! 

*Quick PRO TIP on wanting to prevent algae remove your germination dome for an hour a day if you remember that way it will help the condensation that begins to evaporate and avoid the surface from becoming overly damp or humid. However, if you forget or it becomes too time-consuming you can leave the domes on and follow our two-step process above for removing the algae if it does show up.

And remember if anything should happen and your plant decides not to sprout you can always contact our support team, and they send you a replacement plant pod for free!

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