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Thinning your Click & Grow plants: why it’s important and how to do it

Thinning your Click & Grow plants: why it’s important and how to do it

If you’re new to the idea of ‘thinning’ plants, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s a really easy process. In the gardening world, ‘thinning’ simply means removing some of the sprouts that are growing too close together, leaving you with one seedling to grow.

Why is thinning important?

All of our plant pods contain multiple seeds to ensure germination. This is especially great for herbs and most flowers as multiple sprouts can bring you lots of produce. Some plant pods, however, should be thinned to one seedling for the best results. Thinning is necessary for some plants because it provides them with more space, light and nutrients to thrive. Overcrowded plant pods can lead to a shortage of nutrients as there is heavy competition for plant food. 

Which Click & Grow plants require thinning?

Mini tomatoes, chili peppers (all varieties, including purple, piri piri, yellow and red hot), red sweet peppers, yellow sweet peppers and cockscomb should all be thinned to one seedling per pod. You may allow up to two seedlings per pod for wild strawberries.

How to thin your plants

Thinning should be done early when you first start to notice seedlings sprouting. It’s easy and just requires a gentle touch. Here’s how to do it:

  • Check which seedling looks the strongest (this is the one you want to keep)


  • Gently pull the unwanted seedlings out of the soil


  • Use your finger to pat down the disrupted soil


  • Pro tip: you could transplant your unwanted seedling to empty soil. Just use a pencil to make a hole for it in the new soil.

For a visual reference, check out this video guide on how to thin mini tomato seedlings. The same process applies to other Click & Grow plant pods that require thinning.

Well done, that’s all there is to it! Now you can look forward to some fresh, delicious, homegrown produce. 

Got a question you’d like to ask our gardening team? Get in touch using our gardening forum! Receive advice from our expert horticulturists and take your gardening skills to the next level.

Enjoy a stress-free way to grow healthy, delicious plants at home 

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