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Most Popular Plants of the Year


Which of our plants was most popular in your country this year?

5 Christmas Herbs We Love

Enliven your Christmas dinner...

4 Best Plants to Help You Sleep

Are you getting enough shut-eye?

Gift Guide: New Plant Combo Packages

Combo packages for every taste and preference!

5 Best Flowers to Bring Back That Summer Feeling

Let there be light...

Growing With the Community - Featuring Gene Ferrer

Introducing our next Community Gardener...

How to Make Herb Salt

It's salt... with a herbal twist!

Tip of the Week - Cloning Your Plants

Reproduce your plants by cloning them!

Growing with the Community - Featuring Connie Chew

Meet our first community gardener!

Growing Greens for the First Time

Experience a small miracle...

Tip of the week!

All about tomatoes...

Cosmetic, Herbal Remedies for Stress

Time to unwind...