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Click & Grow Subscription Plan - How Does It Work?

With the launch of our new Click & Garden Club for our indoor gardens, we made a blog post to answer all your questions about our new subscription!

How We Click & Gift Wrap

Looking for new ways to wrap your gifts this year? We have some inspiration that you can draw from that will make the gifts look ALMOST too good to open.

Bring your Smart Garden to your Holiday Table

When we initially invented the Smart Garden, we saw it as a way to make gardening easier; however, we hope that this year the Smart Garden can help make your Holiday season easier!

Make your own soap with Click & Grow basil #DIY

how to make soap at home simple recipe

We love a good recipe, especially when it comes from a Click & Grower and features some fresh plants. 

The Easiest DIY Indoor Garden You Should Try Making

Because DIY indoor gardens don't need to be complicated to be effective.

7 Easy Ways To Introduce Plants Into Your Home

There is a way to make your house or office look greener even for those without a green thumb. Promise.

How To Feed Generations Forever With One Tomato

There's a simple trick to providing fresh strawberries, tomatoes, avocados and pineapples for generations to come. All it takes, is 1 piece of fruit.

How To Keep Your Plants Alive: The Ultimate Survival Guide

Top-notch advice from our product developer Laurits on what a plant needs to thrive +an  in-depth look at GROWING LIGHTS.

Teaching Kids About Sustainability Through Gardening

Read about three simple ways to start teaching kids about sustainability from this article.

10 Coolest DIY Indoor Garden Concepts With Smart Soil

We gave our community a chance to pitch their DIY garden and farm concepts. Here's what happened.

First big news of 2017: Working on a new DIY concept

DIY garden indoor herb garden kitchen


It's 2017, people. Start growing your own food with a DIY garden or a farm. See what we built!