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Smart Garden 9 Pro: 4 Key Features

Smart Garden 9 Pro: 4 Key Features

Have you always wanted to grow plants but lack the outdoor space? If so, smart gardens are a great option for you. They’re fully automated and take the stress out of gardening, making it easy to grow your favorite herbs, salads, fruits, vegetables and flowers indoors. They work in a similar style to coffee capsule machines. Instead of coffee pods, we produce biodegradable plant pods that you insert into your smart garden.

We’re always looking for ways to make indoor gardening more accessible and to make our products even more innovative. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 4 key features you’ll enjoy with the newly released Smart Garden 9 Pro - an upgrade on our bestselling Smart Garden 9! 

1. Automated watering

Your time’s too precious to be stressing over plant watering. As with each of our gardens, The Smart Garden 9 Pro waters your plants automatically. Simply fill the tank and let the garden distribute the water evenly to all your plants using capillary precision irrigation (CPI)

When the water float reaches the bottom and you can no longer bob it up-and-down with your finger, you’ll know it's time to refill the tank. Simple! 

2. App controlled lighting

Using the companion Click & Grow mobile app, you can create a customised lighting schedule for your Smart Garden 9 Pro. Use bluetooth to pair your phone with the garden lamp and choose the exact times you want the light to switch on and off. 

You can also switch the lights on or off temporarily according to your needs. So, if you decide to have an early night and want to switch off the garden lights from the comfort of your bed, you can do it using your phone. The Click & Grow mobile app also provides you with specific, thorough tips for each plant you grow in your smart garden. These tips are timed, meaning you’ll receive them at each relevant stage of your plant’s life cycle to guide you. This makes life easier as you won’t need to seek out any tips - you’ll receive them automatically! To receive these tips, be sure to register your plants on the app.

3. LED grow lights

As with each of our smart gardens, the Smart Garden 9 Pro is fitted with LED grow lights. Why LEDs? They’ll save you money as they’re long lasting and energy efficient. 

They’re also healthier for your plants because they emit less heat and UV rays. Check out the full benefits of Click & Grow’s LED lights here

4. Touch-sensitive lamp

With the Smart Garden 9 Pro, you can snooze the lamp by swiping your hand over it. It’s a tech feature that will impress your guests and make you feel like you’re in a sci-fi movie! So, even if you don’t have your phone with you, there’s always the option to quickly, conveniently turn the lights on or off. 

This means you won’t have to unplug the garden from the mains each time. Perfect for the occasional evening when you want a dark room to watch a movie or when you want to get an early night. Maybe you’re having a romantic dinner and want your candles to stand out more. A quick swipe over the lamp will snooze it. To ‘un-snooze’, simply swipe your hand back over the lamp. If you don’t un-snooze the lamp, it will remain off until it’s scheduled to start again the next day. 

To enjoy the best experience, there are a few things to keep in mind. For optimal plant growth, the Smart Garden 9 Pro’s lamp should be on between 12 to 18 hours during the daytime. If you try to set up a schedule where the light is on for less than 12 hours or longer than 18 hours, the app will give you a friendly warning message before you confirm the schedule. It’s worth remembering that salads and lettuces need a maximum of 16 hours of light. If they receive more than this, they tend to bolt and their flavour becomes bitter, particularly if the room temperature is high too. If the lamp is off for most of the day, plants grow leggy and weak and produce much less yield.

Join our worldwide community of indoor gardeners who have found success growing their favourite plants. Visit our Blog and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more inspiration and news about our latest products. You can also talk directly to our gardeners and fellow growers in the Gardeners Forum.

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