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Share Your Passion for Gardening With Your Loved Ones in 3 Steps

Share Your Passion for Gardening With Your Loved Ones in 3 Steps

February is all about sharing and caring - it’s the perfect time to show your loved ones how thankful you are. Plants, especially flowers in February, are outstanding gifts and a great way of showing appreciation. This month, we invite you to be more open about your passion for gardening and share it with others.

Here are 3 magnificent ways you can share your love for gardening with your loved ones:


1. Instead of cut flowers, gift your loved ones with plants they can grow

Give your beloved some living flowers that will remind them of your appreciation for a long time. In the US alone, nearly 200 million roses are bought for Valentine’s Day. Let’s do it a bit differently this time and give something truly lively to people we love!



2. Invite your friends over and serve them dishes made of homegrown food

Serving delicious dishes made of homegrown GMO-free food is a great way to make your quality time with friends and family even more special. Just cook a salad made of mini tomatoes, lettuce and some herbs that will make everyone feel fresh and taken care of. Here are some herbs that will supercharge your cooking -



3. Make your date memorable by serving fresh herb tea

Tea made from relaxing herbs picked from your Smart Garden will make your date go extra smoothly. Sweet aromas and pleasant tastes create a lovely Valentine’s day vibe. Check out our wide selection of herbs that make a nice cup of tea -



The presence and consumption of fresh homegrown plants has a positive impact on people’s mindsets and health in numerous ways. Sharing your love for gardening will benefit everyone. If we do it together, the whole community will be more positive, healthier and aware of what they can gain from fresh greens.

Post about how you share your love for gardening on social media and in our community. Let’s make this a February to remember!

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