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Reflecting and Giving Back

Reflecting and Giving Back

Something that has always been important to all of us at Click and Grow is the idea of leaving the earth better than how we received it. Part of the reason this company even got started was that our CEO and Founder Mattias Lepp wanted to bring nutritious and organic food to as many people as possible and in a way, that wouldn’t hurt the environment. Since then through every new hire interview, we have all been asked what do we think about the state of the situation and how we have helped to make it better and what we want to do to see the change made.

Many of you share this idea with us, and want to see improvement! So, for the rest of this year, when we are celebrating the Holidays let’s make sure to give thanks to the earth and find a way to give back!

During Thanksgiving, take a moment during the day also to be thankful for the earth. This moment of reflection can help bring a sense of mindfulness into an otherwise busy day.

Thankful for the air we breath

Thankful for the childhood memories spent playing outside; whether they were at the beach, in the countryside, or your backyard.

Thankful or the ozone layer for protecting us from the sun’s rays, plus sunscreen too!

Thankful for the birds, bears, honey bees and all of the animals that we share our backyards and National parks.

Thankful for all the food we have to feed our families, and if you have an indoor garden than for all the food you have grown!

And during December do your part to give back! Ways to give back:

Grow your food to reduce the amount of land that is being cut down for agriculture.

Donate to causes that are trying to preserve and environment and help find ways to prevent it from getting worse

Plant a tree!

Go to an environmental cleanup or if you see someone litter just pick it up and throw it away!

Spend time outside creating new memories with family and friends.

It’s has been said that if you want to change the world start with yourself, so let’s all make just even a small effort to leave the plant better than how we received it and enter 2018 healthier, happier, and more environmentally conscious!

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