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How to get the most out of your Smart Garden

How to get the most out of your Smart Garden

What do you love most about indoor gardening? Is it the fact you can grow food easily? Is it the fresh taste of homegrown produce that appeals to you? Perhaps it’s the peace of mind knowing your food contains no harmful substances?

Whatever your inspiration may be, we want you to enjoy the best indoor gardening experience possible. Growing food takes a bit of patience but the outcome is incredibly worth it - fresher, tastier, healthier produce.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some quick tips to help you get the most out of your indoor garden today.

Choosing a Smart Garden

Whether you already have a Smart Garden or are planning on upgrading / adding to your collection, we’ve got your needs covered.

Smart Garden 3 

  • Perfect for entry level indoor gardening
  • Grows 3 fresh plants at a time
  • Ideal for small living spaces
  • Great for people who live alone or for getting young children interested in growing food

Smart Garden 9

  • Perfect family sized upgrade for those who want greater yields
  • Grows 9 fresh plants at a time
  • Larger than the Smart Garden 3 yet still compact enough to fit in most kitchens
  • Can be used to grow ingredients for cooking or even as a tea garden

Smart Garden 27

  • The ultimate indoor garden for the biggest possible yield
  • Grows 27 fresh plants at a time
  • Ideal for a constant supply of salad greens and herbs to consume in every meal

Where to place your garden

  • We recommend somewhere easily accessible - kitchen counters are ideal, especially if growing ingredients for your meals.

  • Own more than one Smart Garden? Keep at least one on your kitchen counter. Put the most harvest-ready plants in this garden. This means they’ll be readily available when you need to cook and serve dishes. Meanwhile, start growing new plants in your other garden. This way you’ll always have something growing.

Choosing plants

  • Select herbs that complement your favourite meals.

  • Be adventurous - Click & Grow’s collection contains over 55 plants that can be used for teas, salads, seasoning, and spicing up recipes.

  • When shopping for plant pods, opt for larger packs (mixes or 9-packs) - this way you’ll always have plants ready to grow and you’ll save on shipping fees.

  • Consider our customisable subscription to save time and money.

Growing plants

  • Create a harvesting cycle. Start growing new plants after you’ve harvested / replanted your existing ones. This way you'll always have something growing.

  • Keep a diary to remember when it’s time to harvest. Invite guests over and plan some exciting recipes for harvesting time.

  • Herbs & small peppers that you’ve grown can be dried and stored for up to a year. Herbs such as dill and parsley can also be chopped and frozen.

  • If you need space for new plants in your indoor garden, it’s possible to transplant your existing ones. 

Support / sharing

  • Share your growing experience with friends and inspire them to become indoor gardeners as well.

  • Remember that we’re always available for you and happy to talk about plants!

Enjoy a stress-free way to grow healthy, delicious plants at home 

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