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How to Choose Click and Grow Plants Based on Room Temperature

How to Choose Click and Grow Plants Based on Room Temperature

Plants are like us, they need the right conditions to thrive. Before choosing which plants to grow in your smart garden, it's important to know that some are more sensitive to heat than others. They all agree on one thing, however: they don’t like temperatures below 18°C / 64°F!

To help you decide which plants are most suitable for your room temperature, we put together an infographic to help you out:

Plant room temperature infographic

For a more in-depth list of heat sensitive plants, be sure to check out our support article here.

Other important things to consider

While room temperature is certainly something to keep in mind when choosing plants to grow, you should also consider how much care you want to give a plant, as well as how fast it grows.

Speed of growth

Some species of plants naturally take longer to sprout. If you’re eager to see quick results, then you may want to consider plants such as Garden Cress and Leaf Radish. 

Plants that tend to take longer than others include:

Lace Fern, Piri Piri, Yellow Chili, Chili Pepper, Yellow Sweet Pepper, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Rosemary, Purple Chili, Peppermint, Ornamental Grass.


While growing plants with Click and Grow requires minimal effort, some plants require more attention than others. If you’re indoor gardening for the first time, we recommend growing plants that require minimum effort. 

For example, salad greens such as lettuce tend to grow fast and don’t require much care. In contrast, fruiting plants such as tomatoes tend to need thinning, manual pollination, and staking. Check out our mobile app and plant product pages to find out the care requirements for any plant.


Happy growing!

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