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Here's What an Organic, Floating Forest Looks Like

Here's What an Organic, Floating Forest Looks Like

How do you raise the profile of gardening in a cosmopolitan, concrete jungle?

Simple! Create an urban farm… that floats on water.



New York’s floating forest, known as ‘Swale’, was founded in 2016 and is the brainchild of visual artist Mary Mattingly. This incredible project brings urban gardening to people across various piers in New York City. Visitors receive educational training as well as the chance to harvest herbs, fruits and vegetables for free.

It’s prohibited to grow food on many public lands in New York. Knowing this, Mattingly ingeniously built her food forest on water instead.


If you ever get a chance to visit New York, be sure to check out Swale. If you have time and energy to spare, you can also become a volunteer.

Check out Swale’s official site for more information and details on how to get involved.
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