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Here’s How Click & Grow Plants Celebrated Christmas

Here’s How Click & Grow Plants Celebrated Christmas

It’s that special time of year again! As we celebrate Christmas here at Click & Grow, we’d like to imagine that this is how our plants marked the occasion…

It was the night before Christmas. Every smart garden in the Click & Grow office was glowing. Mini Tomato was enjoying some much needed ‘me time’, scrolling through the Click & Grow YouTube channel. Alongside her was Red Sweet Pepper who was getting ready for bed. It had been a long day of phone calls to plant relatives, gift wrapping and carol rehearsing. Just before their smart garden’s lamp switched off, Mini Tomato thought of something very important. 

‘You know what? Tomorrow we should do something special for the new plants who’ve joined the Click & Grow family!’, she remarked. 

‘Wow, why didn’t we think of that before? We wouldn’t want them to be lonely this Christmas’, replied Red Sweet Pepper’. So they reached for their notebooks made of recycled paper and started to jot down some ideas.

After half an hour of planning, they decided they would invite all their friends in the Click & Grow office to a Christmas welcome party for the new plants. They planned to give the new plants a Smart Garden 9 and they would hire some elves to decorate it! 

Thankfully the elves were very quick and efficient, decorating the garden at such short notice. This was the first time they’d ever visited the Click & Grow office and they were thrilled to meet every herb, salad green, fruit and flower.

On Christmas morning, all the plants got up early and gathered around a new Smart Garden 27. It was time to welcome some of the newer plants to the Click & Grow family! Up stepped Lace Fern, Red Lettuce and Shungiku to rapturous applause. Once they’d built up the courage to make a speech, the new plants spoke about how excited they are to join Click & Grow and how pleased they are with their new Smart Garden 9 gift. Every plant took turns sharing stories about the past year and what they’re thankful for this Christmas. Festive plant-themed songs played in the background, such as ‘O Christmas Tree’ and ‘Deck The Halls’ while each plant posed for pictures underneath the office’s Christmas lights. Here’s to all the Click & Growers around the world and an exciting new year ahead!

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