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Click & Grow Community: Let’s See What You’ve Been Up To!

Click & Grow Community: Let’s See What You’ve Been Up To!

Indoor gardening has a way of bringing us together, no matter where we live or what background we are from. Here at Click & Grow, we are extremely proud of you, our worldwide community of Click & Growers. You inspire us with your creativity, your dedication and your passion for growing plants. Every day we’re thrilled to read your success stories, tips & tricks and see the cool photos you share. Here are just a few of the many that recently caught our eyes:

Enjoying a constant supply of fresh food

Photo by Mandy Alvarado Sandoval

What an incredible setup! Our Click & Grower, Mandy, has set up her smart gardens so she has a constant supply of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, basil and cilantro with strawberries soon to come. Thanks, Mandy, for choosing to grow fresh food at home. We’re excited to see how your indoor garden oasis develops!

Building a custom home for the Smart Garden 3

Photos by Joseph Jackson

Who said smart gardens only belong on kitchen countertops? This custom home for the Smart Garden 3 includes a pull-out shelf for pruning and harvesting, along with a tinted glass door for display. It’s genius! Thanks for sharing, Joseph. We’re all a little jealous now, wanting one of these compartments for our own kitchens.

Starting a DIY vertical garden project

Photo by Martynas Majauskas

We simply love DIY projects. They’re fun, creative and a great way to express your personality. This vertical garden setup was created by Martynas, one of the newest members of the Click & Grow community. We love its clean, natural look which complements this collection of white Smart Garden 9s.


Enlisting a special helper

Photo by Marina J Neary

Smart gardens and cute pets. We can’t get enough of them! Many thanks to Marina for sharing this photo of her cat, Rory, calmly supervising her Smart Garden 9. Marina describes Rory as their ‘producer cat’, always wanting to be involved in everything they do. We’re glad Rory has an appreciation for the finer things in life (indoor gardening). Thanks for growing with us, Marina!

Growing mouthwatering produce

Photos by Grace Fainsan

Go big or go home, right? That’s certainly a motto these chili peppers live by! We love the display of colours as they begin to ripen. These are being grown by one of our most passionate community members, Grace. Fantastic job, Grace, you have an abundance of delicious chili peppers to look forward to.


Photo by Stephanie Crum

We couldn’t resist. We just had to share this appetising photo of juicy, red homegrown tomatoes. These were recently harvested by our community member, Stephanie. The photo was taken 91 days after planting. Click & Grow tomatoes contain fiber, antioxidants and vitamins and go well with a multitude of recipes. Check out some of our favourites here. Enjoy your fresh tomatoes, Stephanie! 

Have you joined the Click & Grow community yet? If not, join the fun today! Connect with people who you wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to. In the Click & Grow community you’ll find people of all backgrounds with a shared passion for gardening and making the world a little greener. Whether you’re a casual gardener or a seasoned pro, we can’t wait to welcome you to the family. Let’s enjoy sharing our experiences as we grow together.

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