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Click & Grow 25: Here’s What Product Testers Loved Most

Click & Grow 25: Here’s What Product Testers Loved Most

Have you ever experienced the satisfaction of growing and consuming your own food? If so, you’ll know it’s a feeling unlike any other! Here at Click & Grow, we believe everyone deserves access to the freshest, most vitamin-rich food, no matter where they live. For this reason, we build products that empower you to grow your own greens at home. 

Having listened to your feedback, it was clear that you desired a product to help you grow a more continuous supply of fresh greens. As a result, we have come up with a solution that does exactly that and more - The Click & Grow 25. It features a unique tray system, enabling you to grow greens in rotation based on their life cycles. It’s energy efficient, space efficient and super simple to use. Now it’s easier than ever to supplement your diet with healthy, leafy greens. Here’s what our product testers loved most about the Click & Grow 25:

Rotation of crops 

Our testers particularly enjoyed how the Click & Grow 25 makes it simple for crops to be grown in rotation. This means there are always fresh greens available, perfect for frequent salads and cooking with healthy greens. Their experience of growing crops in the Click & Grow 25 was stress free. They also noted that the Click & Grow 25 produces significantly greater yield when compared to our other products such as the Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9 and Smart Garden 27. An observation that stood out is that it’s possible to rely on the Click & Grow 25 as a primary source of greens. The high quality of plants was acknowledged by the testers. We were inspired to hear that one product tester’s child began snacking on lettuce as a result of having the Click & Grow 25 at home!

Ease of access

The Click & Grow 25 is designed to be space efficient and provide easy access to the plants you are growing, as appreciated by our testers. There is no entanglement of plants or roots (a common problem in other hydroponic systems on the market). The tray holder was considered useful, particularly when moving the produce to a desired location in the house. Some used the tray holder to keep greens by their windowsill. When removed from the product, the plants still stayed fresh for up to a week. Our product testers were excited about the prospect of even more plants being added to our collection in the future.


An observation that really stood out to us was that it has a ‘space-tech feel’. This is pleasing to hear, especially considering the concept of Click & Grow was influenced by research carried out by NASA about growing plants in space! Other notable comments were that the product ‘looks cool’ and it works as a conversation starter, drawing the attention of guests. The most popular place to put the Click & Grow 25 was in the kitchen. Its minimalist design with a wooden finish makes it compatible with a wide range of decors.

Here are a few of our favourite quotes from the product testers:

“I could tell that under this 16 hour light schedule, the growth is really fast and the germination happens much quicker than if I leave my plants outside in the (outdoor) garden. Consistency and quality for us was really jumping off the page”

- Jason

“They all turned out really well. It’s very useful and I’ve gotten a lot of value out of it. I really enjoy it”.

- Carl

“Yeah, definitely (would recommend it). I’ve already recommended the Smart Garden 9 to people in the past. My Mother bought one. I showed it off to her a while back and she bought one for herself. She’s got it on her kitchen table. She likes it very, very much”.

- Sam

“Harvesting was quite easy. We always need vegetables.”

- Vivian

“We did the whole process which was brilliant, it really worked. The children would get involved and they would help me. It’s worked out really well.”

- Claire

Are you excited about the Click & Grow 25 launch? Click here to back us on Kickstarter!

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