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April Click & Growers Community Round Up!

April Click & Growers Community Round Up!

Click & Growers it's almost May, how has the year gone by so fast! 2018 is almost halfway over, and we can't thank you enough for continuing to grow with us and sharing your experience on social media with us by using #ClickandGrow. We love seeing the different ways you guys use your indoor Smart Gardens.


We've put together some of our favorite posts we've seen during April. Keep sharing on social, and we will see you all again at the end of May!

DIY Garden: 

@urbanfarmerly"Thyme has been a big hit, next crop going. Tarragon got more of a “meh” response from the girls, but we’ll with them over! 💚🌱"


@jobbatical "So we’re growing some basil and tomatoes in our kitchen with @clickandgrow The other day a magical new plant appeared (well, was put there by our designer who has a wicked sense of humor). It’s a chocolate candy. What do you think it’ll grow into? A chocolate tree? 🤔😝 ."


First Steps:

@lizsutton "Adding to our @clickandgrow family....tomatoes, and lettuce!!! Also, let’s talk about how simple and perfect the instructions are👌👍👏 🌱🍅🥗"


@daina_kft "Žemės ūkis🍓#kitchengarden #clickandgrow."


@garsk "Home late, no problem the plants have waited up for me. #awesomebirthdaypresent #clickandgrow"


Foodie Garden:

@reclaimfoodfreedom "Just because I have a birthday brunch coming up in a few hours doesn’t mean I can fuel up with a #whole30breakfast! Egg frittata with garlic sausage, potatoes and basil (from my home garden @clickandgrow)."


Organic, Green, Garden Growing: 

@osama_gidmi "🍅 @clickandgrow."


@chefalex_reyes "11 days ago y’all were just little sprouts 🌱😊 @clickandgrow#housefarming #teachyourkids#goingbacktobasics"


@frigginfuchsia "Itty bitty strawberries @clickandgrow ! So adorable. ."


@relatableveg "Check out this wee cutie growing in my kitchen. Soon to be a pasta topping (RIP)."


Retail Partner:

@b8ta "It's thyme to celebrate #ArborDay. Click & Grow is planting a tree for every Smart Garden sold through May 31st. The Smart Soil and built-in sensors make sure plants get the optimal configuration of water, oxygen, and nutrients, so your plants thrive with zero effort. It's pretty unbeleafable."

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