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The Ultimate List Of Herbs You Must Have In Your Kitchen

The Ultimate List Of Herbs You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Chopping herbs


Do you use herbs when cooking? If not - you should get around to doing that. It will not only enhance the flavor of your food, but fresh herbs will also add extra nutrition and freshness to even the simplest of dishes. But what to use, when and for what? Well, our ultimate list of herbs to have in your kitchen is here to clear the confusion.

A little tip: Stick this list to your fridge to always make sure you have these herbs “in stock”.

1. Basil

Spaghetti with basil pesto


Even if you think you're never going to use basil, think again. There's so many different kinds of basil (three of which are already available as refills for your Smart Garden!) that will always be there for you to save the day when you're cheating with frozen pizza or making pasta with all the last ingredients you have in your kitchen. Or when you're feeling like having a cocktail or are trying to impress a date with a surprising drink - there's countless amazing cocktail recipes with basil. We'd say that all this perfectly justifies placing basil at the top of this list of herbs, doesn't it? 

Our favorite basil cocktails

2. Chives



Chives is probably one of the most versatile of herbs with its subtle and pleasant flavor, and the intense green color. Chives is what's going to bring your bowl of dumplings or salmon sandwich to a completely new dimension. If you're too impatient to finely chop them every time you cook, we have 2 simple tips for you:

  1. use scissors instead of a knife for getting those tiny beautiful green chive tubes;
  2. chop (or cut) a larger amount of chives and freeze them!


3. Thyme

Carrot juice with thyme


Together with basil, thyme is the celebrity of the herb world - it's in the top 3 on everyone's minds when forming a basic list of herbs. It's also one of the best smelling things ever, making any Italian dish or even mashed potatoes an adventure. Have you tried thyme tea with honey? It's one of the best for getting your immune system up and running, and getting all those vitamins in without drinking one pill. One of the most convenient ways for storing thyme is drying it, but try just having a little bush of it growing in some corner for getting the most of its nutritional benefits and flavor.

And while you're roasting Jamie Oliver's Ultimate Carrots, here's a cool factoid to share with your friend who's facing a major life decision: Ancient Greeks actually considered thyme to be the source of courage.


4. Peppermint

No, it's not only tea that you can make with peppermint. Though we gotta admit, it's a pretty good reason for keeping fresh peppermint in your kitchen. But if you want to impress people you're cooking for without learning any new special skills, simply add fresh peppermint to your salads, soups and grains. It will add that little something special, that haute-couture flavor to every dish. Here are some ideas.


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5. Stevia

Yes, Stevia is a plant! We've noticed that it's an amazing factoid/conversation piece, as most people (probably just like you before this post) are quite surprised about stevia not being a chemical in a form of a white powder, but an actual plant. Being the sweetest of herbs, it's the absolute best to keep around if you're someone who likes sweet smoothies or teas, and is trying to reduce your sugar intake.

Here are some extra ideas

6. Rosemary



This Christmas tree of herbs is probably one of the most loved herbs out there. What haven't people made of it! Ice creams, lollies, lemonades, detox waters, meats, fishes, soups, salads, veggies...the list goes on. Which is obviously why it's on this list of herbs you must have in your kitchen. And it looks very decorative, so definitely try to have it growing fresh if possible!

7. Oregano

Why? Because PIZZA. Don't pretend like you're not addicted. Science knows you are.

8. Dill

Dill is basically the chives of Northern Europe. Famous for its intense aroma, it's added to basically everything - fish, veggies (boiled potatoes with fresh dill, mmmm), meat, salads, sauces, soups, sandwiches, canapes… If there's a savory food we forgot to name, you can be pretty sure it's there as well. Give it a try! A little tip: Fresh dill has a more intense aroma, while dried dill has a stronger flavor.

Lobster with dill


Which herbs are among your kitchen staples? Have you considered growing them fresh yourself? Don't worry, with Click & Grow it's no hassle at all.

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