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Click & Grow at Atlanta Gift fair from July 13 to July 17.

 The Click & Grow team, represented by the irresistible Marek and Olaf, will exhibit at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishing Market from July 13 to July 17.

The fair which takes place in the AmericasMart trade center is a biannual event and is focused on gifts, furniture and home textiles. It’s promoted as a showcase of the latest trends, shapes, and colors of the upcoming season. And the latest trends factor is of course why we’re there – we can’t let people miss out on the Click & Grow revolution!

The promoters expect that approximately half a million buyers and sellers will attend the Atlanta fair. If you’re wondering where they will fit so much people, the answer is quite simple – the AmericasMart trade center.

The trade center is over seven million square feet in size and the largest permanent trade center in the world. In fact, the trade center is lo large, that they need four buildings to make it work. Can you imagine, four buildings?

Photo: AmericasMart building 3 (Flickriver)

By now you are probably wondering that how will you find the Click & Grow booth from that colossal trade center? It’s fairly simple - just remember the combination 2-5-1315. That stands for the 2nd building, 5th floor and booth nr 1315.

2-5-1315. Told you it was simple!

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