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Will life on earth continue?

Doomsday Vault

Have you ever wondered how important are plants actually? They are responsible for all of our oxygen we breathe and food we eat. If anything should happen to the plant kingdom, all human life is in danger.

So what can we do to protect the plants? It may be assuring to know that we have a backup. A international seed genebank in Svalbard. Also known as ..

The "doomsday" vault designed to keep millions of seed samples safe from natural and unnatural disasters: global warming, asteroid strikes, plant diseases, nuclear warfare, and even earthquakes. In fact, the structure absorbed a magnitude 6.2 quake without a crack.

Though Norway owns the global seed bank, other countries can store seeds in it and remove them as needed. The genes in the seeds may someday be needed to adapt crops to endure climate change, droughts, blights, and other potential catastrophes.

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Cool eh? So what can I do to keep the earth alive? Grow a plant! Grow seeds! Grow any plant! Without them there would be no you...


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