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5 Powerful Cleansing Herbs to Grow at Home

5 Powerful Cleansing Herbs to Grow at Home

There are so many great herbs that can improve your health and add nutrients to your diet. Today we are going to talk about five of the best detox herbs you can grow in your Click & Grow indoor garden. Let’s dive right in.

1. Garden Sage

Sage is used in many cultures to boost the digestive system and help with sleep. It’s a very popular herb in Chinese medicine and a natural source of vitamins A, C and E. One of the easiest ways to use sage is by brewing herbal tea with it. It has a light, earthy flavor and a herbaceous scent. Another common way to use sage is by creating a smudge stick and burning the herb for incense. 

Click & Grow sage

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2. Cilantro

This herb is often used in Mexican cuisine but it can also be helpful for cleansing. It’s believed to help remove heavy metals from the body. Cilantro also has potent anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful for skin problems such as inflammation. It is a natural source of vitamins A, C and K.

Click & Grow cilantro

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3. Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Holy basil is a popular sacred herb and a natural source of vitamins A and C. In some cultures the herb is used in smudging rituals. It’s believed to cleanse the body of negative energy and foster a sense of well-being. Holy basil is also packed with antioxidants which help with eliminating toxins from the body. After harvesting the plant’s leaves, you could use them to make a detox tea.

Click & Grow holy basil

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4. Peppermint

Peppermint is a versatile herb that can be used for cooking and brewing tea. It happens to be a natural source of vitamin C which boosts the immune system. Peppermint oil has been used as a remedy for pain by people with irritable bowel syndrome. The herb has also been known to aid digestion.

Click & Grow peppermint

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5. Parsley

Parsley is a super nutritious culinary herb, containing 196% more Vitamin C than an orange (measured at 100 grams each). Parsley is known to cleanse the blood, dissolve sticky deposits in veins and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels. Its fresh aroma can have a deodorising effect on bad breath too - simply chew on some leaves after a meal.

Click & Grow parsley

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Experimenting with your own seeds

When you own a Click & Grow smart garden, you have the additional benefit of being able to grow your own seeds. Gardening is all about experimenting so why not start some exotic cleansing plants indoors? Some other interesting cleansing plants you could try are: white sage, red clover, burdock root, milk thistle, dandelion root, palo santo and holy wood. To grow your own seeds in your Click & Grow smart garden, simply use our experimental plant pods.

Click & Grow experimental pods

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We hope this small list inspires you to consider herbs for their cleansing properties. As always, please use them responsibly and bear in mind that they are not a substitute for medical treatment. If you’re uncertain about any reactions you may have to certain herbs, we encourage you to check with your healthcare provider first.

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