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TOP 6 edibles for fall & winter


Fall/winter season has never been famous for its fresh produce, even though these are the times we need vitamins the most. For supporting our immune system, for thinning out the “winter layers” around our hips and waist, gifted by the so-generously-consumed comfort foods and for adding a little sensation of spring & summer to our long and cold nights. Here are the TOP 6 edibles that will make this year's fall/winter season truly stand out! Get them in your local supermarket or even easier- grow them on your own windowsill with zero effort in the Smart Herb Garden!


Chili Pepper



This guy knows how to kick it. The Cristiano Ronaldo of plants will not only make you all hot and steamy, but also make you a walking C-vitamin bomb. And we all know how important that is during the season of sick leaves.

During the fall/winter season, we also tend to grow little “winter layers” to make the New Year's resolutions of getting back in shape reasonable. And it's understandable - your body needs to keep itself warm and it's way too hard to say “no” to that extra slice of pumpkin (or whatever) pie, isn't it? Chili actually makes it possible to get the Ronaldo bod by...eating it.*


Get Chili Pepper

*Additional regular workouts and mindful diet are required for achieving the desired effect.

Lemon Balm



While lemon balm brings back memories of your grandma, it is actually being talked about again, and for a reason. It's what brings peace to our homes - lemon balm tea is proven to have an extremely calming effect and making your sleep better. Simply cut off a few leaves (don't forget to leave at least 2 pairs of leaves on the stem, so it continues growing) and pour hot water over it.

And if you're struggling with a cold sore, look no further - lemon balms essential oils will treat them! Same goes for all other viruses, as it's been used as an antiseptic for ages.


Get Lemon Balm



If you cannot imagine fall or winter without the oh-so comforting and waaaay too filling Thanksgiving and Christmas dishes, thyme is the herb for you! It's so versatile that it will give you great results with anything from sweet to savory, from boiled to baked, from solids to liquids.

In addition to bringing the scent of summer to your kitchen (some even place thyme in the bathroom as an all-natural air freshener), it's gonna be a great companion in fighting the annual cough attack. Ever tried thyme tea?

Get Thyme



The white stevia powder as an alternative to sugar has become quite a controversial topic. If you want to be 100% safe when cutting down on sugar intake in order to give more space for those delicious turkey slices, go fresh and grow stevia yourself. Use it as an alternative to sugar in tea - simply add 1 or 2 of its leaves to any tea and enjoy the sugary health effects it provides. That, together with the spicy chili dishes, will work miracles!

Also, a Smart Herb Garden with Stevia Refills is a way more original gift than just giving a gym membership to your family member who you know will never use it and give you a great sad story about how they lost the card on a rad fishing trip. Don't let them opt out!


Get Stevia





Peppermint is like Taylor Swift - there isn't a person on this planet that doesn't know it. We're sure you've heard of its calming properties and how well it works in decorating desserts, and what an amazing tea it makes. But did you know that chewing fresh peppermint or drinking peppermint tea is the ultimate secret to surviving the most filling Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners as it's the fairy godmother for your digestive system? It also does magic to your skin and memory!

Get Peppermint





Dismissed as just a decoration for dishes or something your mom and grandma made you eat when you were a kid, parsley has been probably one of the most underrated herbs out there. And we're glad it's making a comeback as one of the key ingredients in superfoods like green smoothies and juices. And it's a godsend during the long and sickly fall and winter months, as it's a true vitamin bomb, packed with vitamin C, B 12, K and A. Time to get rid of those countless jars of vitamin pills and simply add parsley to your favourite dishes daily!


Get Parsley


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