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This is our biggest launch EVER. The launch of the future.

The large Smart Farm unit with 2 shelves 


We all have been waiting a long time for a new product launch. But even the Click & Grow team did not fully believe that the next launch after the Smart Herb Garden is going to be this big, this revolutionary, and this futuristic... until today.


The small Smart Farm unit


Meet the Click & Grow Smart Farm - the effortless urban gardening brought to a much larger scale. Now you can grow hundreds or even thousands of different fruits, herbs and vegetables with zero effort, at your home. Yes, indoors. No mess, no hassle, just pure nature, technology and design. If that is still too short for a revolution for you, hear this - the Smart Farm let's you produce 80% cheaper and save up to 95% from water consumption! Pretty impressive, huh?


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Since the home sizes and the needs differ from household to household, we have come up with 3 different sizes for the Smart Farm - the open-design shelves for growing 50 plants at once, the small Smart Farm (we call it the wine fridge, since it's...well, in the size of a small wine fridge) for growing 64 plants at once, and the large Smart Farm for growing up to 250 plants at once (it's like a super awesome glass closet), starting at $1500. All the Smart Farms are already available for pre-ordering. See for yourself!


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