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Click & Grow Smart Garden Click & Grow smart Garden

The Smart Garden - Growing food at home, made simple

The technology takes care of watering, light and nutrients while you reap all the benefits. Grow year-round, regardless of where you live.

We designed our Smart Gardens to make growing plants easy

No gardening experience needed to grow your own fresh greens

No previous gardening experience needed

The garden takes care of watering and light, while the pre-seeded plant pods create an optimal growing environment for plants to thrive.

Smart garden works like Nespresso coffee machine

Works just like a Nespresso coffee machine

Only instead of coffee pods, Click & Grow gardens use bio-degradable plant pods with seeds and nutrients included in the pod.

Here's how the Click and Grow system worksJust 3 easy steps!

  • 1.Add podsAdd pods

    Add pods
  • 2.Add waterAdd water

    Add water
  • 3.Plug it inPlug it in

    Plug it in
  • Enjoy



What could be simpler? You just add plant pods, water and plug it in. The Smart Garden will do the rest for you.

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Click & Grow garden vs competitors smart tabletop hydroponic systems:

  Click and Grow Smart Garden Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
Smart Soil technology Yes No No No
Grow in any home in any climate Yes No No No
No worry over water quality, pH and fertilizing Yes No No No
Grow any plant of any size together Yes No No No
No noise from water pump Yes No No No
Price €199.95 €228.50 €363.69 €236.00
Maintenance very low low low low
Electricity consumption per month (9 plant pods)
€0.72 per month

€0.89 per month
€2.37 per month
€3.88 per month

Our Smart Gardens do not require constant maintenance:

The Click & Grow - grow plants easily
  • No need to check the pH
  • No need to add extra fertilizer (included in the plant pod)
  • No need to plan the combination of plants you can grow next

A guide to help you choose the best garden to fit your needs Whether you want to grow the occasional herb or grow enough to enjoy constant availability of fresh greens, our product selection has you covered.

  • The Smart Garden 3 indoor gardening system The Smart Garden 3 indoor gardening system

    The Smart Garden 3

    It’s the no-nonsense, entry-level indoor garden that never looks out of place.

    Starting from:

    See product
    • Comes with a complimentary set of 3x basil plant pods
    • Perfect for beginners
    • Great for people who live alone
    • Great for people who don't have a lot of space
    • Great resource for teaching children about plant growing
  • The Smart Garden 9 indoor gardening system The Smart Garden 9 indoor gardening system

    The Smart Garden 9

    Ideal for growing a variety of ingredients that taste great in your favorite recipes.


    See product
    • Complimentary 3x tomato, 3x basil, 3x lettuce plant pods
    • Perfect for small to medium sized apartments or houses
    • Great for growing tea herbs, flowers and fruiting plants
    • Great for growing herbs to use in your favorite recipes
    • Ideal for small families who want to enjoy more homegrown food
  • Smart Garden 9 PRO indoor gardening system Smart Garden 9 PRO indoor gardening system

    The Smart Garden 9 Pro

    It includes all the features of the Smart Garden 9 but with some cool extras.


    See product
    • Complimentary 3x tomato, 3x basil, 3x lettuce plant pods
    • App controlled lighting
    • Bluetooth connection - pair your phone with the garden lamp
    • Having an early night? Switch the lamp off from the comfort of your bed
    • Touch sensitive lamp - snooze the lamp by swiping your hand over it
  • The Smart Garden 27 indoor gardening system The Smart Garden 27 indoor gardening system

    The Smart Garden 27

    Ideal for a constant supply of salad greens and herbs to consume in every meal.

    Sold Out
    See product
    • 9 x Basil, 9 x Lettuce and 9 x Mini Tomato plant pods included
    • Grow large quantities of herbs and salad greens at home
    • Perfect for a regular supply of greens and herbs for a small family
    • Ideal for slightly larger apartments
    • Also effective in smaller apartments as it makes efficient use of vertical space
The Smart Soil - free from harmful substances

The Smart Soil - the backbone of our technology

When growing food in your Smart Garden, you can be sure that it’s completely free from any harmful substances. Each of our plants are grown in 100% clean smart soil.

Add plant podsChoose from over 60 varieties of herbs, flowers, leafy greens and more.

Wild Strawberry Plant Pods

Wild Strawberry

Cilantro/Coriander Plant Pods


Rosemary Plant Pods


Mini Tomato Plant Pods

Mini Tomato

Peppermint Plant Pods


Lavender Plant Pods


Experimental Plant Pods



Did you know that vegetables tend to lose 50% of their healthy nutrients within a week of being harvested?

Fresh green lettuce from Smart Garden

  • Clean, home-grown
  • Always fresh & nutritious
  • 3x more vitamins
Click and Grow lettuce - fresh greens from smart garden
Store bought lettuce - unknown quality, no nutrients

Store bought green lettuce

  • Unknown quality
  • Typically 4 days old in store
  • 50% nutrients lost in a week
No food waste, harvest anytime, low CO2 footprint

No food goes to waste, harvest when and what you need.

2.5x lower CO2 footprint

The benefits of using Click & Grow smart gardens

Click and grow smart garden is suitable for small places
  • Uses 95% less water than traditional methods
  • 30-50% faster growth (depending on the plant)
  • No food miles, pesticides or GMOs
  • Suitable for small, dark spaces and all climates
Add fresh greens to your menu easily
  • Easiest way to add fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables to your menu
  • Removes guesswork from gardening - no previous experience required
  • Improves both your mental and physical well-being


Automatic watering

Perfect amount of light thanks to pro-grow lights

Perfect amount of nutrients and oxygen at root level

Grow 365 days a year

Companion app to become a plant expert

Choose from 60+ pre-seeded plant pods from our selection or use your own seeds

Click & Grow plant care app

Plant care app to be better gardener

Download the Click & Grow app and get easy access to plant care info

  • Gardening advice for each plant
  • Notifications when it's time to harvest
  • Special offers

We're on a mission to help millions of people around the world experience the benefits of having a garden and access to vitamin-rich greens.

Click and Grow helps millions of people to access vitamin-rich greens.
"It’s a foolproof growing system. You basically pop the plant in, water it when you need to and the system does the rest."
"Perfect for a green thumb like me, who normally isn’t able to keep plants alive."
"I absolutely love it! My youngest son gave it to me for Christmas last year. I’m hoping to get the bigger one now. Fresh basil, parsley and cilantro are my favorites. Highly recommended if you don’t have a green thumb."
"We are amazed at how quickly our seeds sprouted. Less than a week! The system is so easy to set up and maintain. We have our Click and Crow in our kitchen and I just get my fresh lettuce or herbs right in my kitchen."
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Sprouting guarantee

Sprouting guarantee

If your plant doesn't sprout, we'll replace it

Sprouting guarantee

For every garden you buy

we will plant a tree

The Smart Garden is the best companion for a modern lifestyleDiscover a whole new way of eating freshly grown, nutrient-dense food with the help of technology.

"I very much enjoy of a good cup of mint tea so having it this fresh every morning it’s truly something else! 😍 you don’t understand the joy until you grow your own 🌱💕"
"Perfect for a green thumb like me, who normally isn't able to keep plants alive."
"In our opinion, nothing tastes as good as self-grown tomatoes or lettuce, without unnecessary additives and fertilizers ❤️"
"I’ve never been so excited to watch plants before. Can’t wait!"
"Moijtos with fresh peppermint all year around!🤩🙈"
"The way his eyes lit up when those first sprouts appeared? Priceless."
"Whiskey’s at his little garden to keep track of his strawberry plants 🍓"
"Pretty much the greatest invention ever! We've had so much fun watching these lil sprouts grow from their seed pods."
"I get so much joy out of cooking my own food...but I didn’t know that the pleasures that lay in GROWING my own food!!!"
"I love it! The plants grew so fast, it blew my mind."
"Planting our seed pods in our Click and Grow Smart Garden."

Taste the freshness of garden-to-plate veggies no matter where you live