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Click & Grow 25

Welcome to your Click & Grow 25

We've compiled a short starter page to get you acquainted with your new smart garden. Watch videos on the assembly & usage of the Click & Grow 25, and find other resources here.

Starter videos Here’s a two-part video tutorial to get you started.

Assembling the Garden

We outline the most important points about putting together the Click & Grow 25. Watch the video and read along with the manual, or just grab some popcorn and enjoy.

Using the Garden

The ins and outs of plants, growth cycles, and staying hydrated. Plus, our actress gets a well-earned snack courtesy of the Click & Grow 25.

Download the manual

You can download the digital version of our manual here. The manual comes in two versions for the “Attaching to a wall” section.

Top mounted fixator
CG25_Manual Brochure_English_A.pdf
Back mounted fixator
CG25_Manual Brochure_English_B.pdf
Click and Grow 25 product drawing

Having trouble? If you have trouble setting up the Garden, or have any questions regarding our products, contact our support.

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No gardening experience needed to grow your own fresh greens

Membership benefits:

  • Enjoy premium quality greens every day
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  • Price comparable to lower quality grocery store greens
  • Worry less and never run out of pods
  • Freedom to select your plants

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